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Shibuki Jun -> Suzukaze Mayo

Suzukaze: It doesnít matter how many times weíve talked in the past, whenever I talk to you, Rika-chan, you always get extremely nervous and stare at the ground, donít you?!

Shibuki: Iím really nervous right now.

Suzukaze: I called you this morning to talk about the colors weíd wear for the photo shoot for this article. ďHello, is this Shibuki Jun-sanís house?Ē I said, and although you replied at first with this low voice as if you were creeping along the ground, when I said ďItís me, Suzukaze,Ē suddenly your voice started getting higher and higher. (laughs)

Shibuki: Ah~, but Iím nervous! Am I the only one who gets like this?

Suzukaze: Yep.

Shibuki: But, actually, this is natural for me.

Suzukaze: Full of lies!! (laughs)

Shibuki: (laughs) I really want to be seen as someone who is level-headed and steady, and I often get told that itís better if I donít speak.

Suzukaze: Really? Youíre so cool that people become your fans just by watching you dance. Your acting and gaze are also very cool. ďOh~, sheís slayed me!!Ē That kind of feeling (laughs).

Shibuki: Not at all!! (laughs) But you have an aura of being untouchable, Kaname-san (Suzukaze Mayo).

Suzukaze: It seems like everyone misunderstands me. They seem to think Iím delicate and eat only mistÖ Though I suppose itís a misunderstanding that makes me happy (laughs). Rika-chan, what do you do after you go home?

Shibuki: I become moodyÖ

Suzukaze: Moody!? Do you put on a black gown and drink from a brandy glass? (laughs)

Shibuki: Eh!? (laughs) Why would you imagine that!? I said this in last monthís issue, that Iíve been called ďCasanovaĒ since I was an underclassman. It sounds like Iím a complete playboy.

Suzukaze: Itís cool, isnít it!?

Shibuki: Sounds like Iím a bad person. Although it isnít true at all. And the upperclassmen call me ďShibuJunĒ.

Suzukaze: Iím jealous. Iíve never had it said to me: ďKaname-san, youíre ''shibui''.Ē (1)

Shibuki: Iím not ''shibui'' at all, not at all! Iíve thought this before when I went to see your performances, Kaname-san; that youíre a person with real glamour.

Suzukaze: Kya! Iím up a tree, geez (2). Iím unexpectedly shy (laughs).

Shibuki: I canít verbalize this well, but you have a mysterious glamour that others donít.

Suzukaze: Actually, Iím not human (laughs).

Shibuki: One of my goals on stage is to have that allure, so Iím always wondering where on earth you pull this mysterious power from.

Suzukaze: Probably from the fact that Iíve played lots of non-human roles.

Shibuki: I think Iíd like to try a fairy type role once.

Suzukaze: Since youíre you, I bet you could do it, Rika-chan.

(1) ''Shibui'' means "cool; an aura of refined masculinity".
(2) I think this is refering to an adage: "Even a pig will go up a tree if you flatter it."