Relay de 'Sienne
Yoshizuki Eri -> Shibuki Jun

Shibuki Jun: Right after I had transferred to Moon Troupe, Eri (Yoshizuki) gave me a very honest letter.

Yoshizuki Eri: Hahaha.

Shibuki: For Eri it was very impressive, but the first thing she wrote was: "I really hated Rika-san" (laughs).

Yoshizuki: I didn't write "I really hated"! (laughs)

Shibuki: Oh really? But, anyway, it was that sort of thing (laughs). But those words made me understand that you were a person who would tell me things honestly. Though maybe a little too straightforward! (laughs)

Yoshizuki: I was too straightforward!

Shibuki: I thought that you didn't tell lies (laughs). "When you were in Flower Troupe, I saw you perform and I hated you, but now that you're in the same troupe as me, I've come to love you," you said. I was happy.

Yoshizuki: I'm sorry! (laughs)

Shibuki: I seemed to appear off-putting, the image of my role... You thought so too, didn't you?

Yoshizuki: Hahaha... a bit (laughs).

Shibuki: Then, was something different?

Yoshizuki: Well, to be this good-humored... I felt that you must have a great personality.

Shibuki: I'm not exceptional. My character isn't all that great, just normal.

Yoshizuki: You're saying you're more narcissistic, possessive, aloof, a person intoxicated with herself...?

Shibuki: I can't be intoxicated with myself! (laughs)

Yoshizuki: I was surprised to find that the everyday you has such a sweet atmosphere. But on stage you have a great tolerance, and sensuality, and heart too.

Shibuki: What, really? (laughs)

Yoshizuki: (laughs) It's embarrassing to praise someone to their face, but....

Shibuki: Thank you (laughs). But for myself, before coming to Moon Troupe I had many experiences, such as changing troupes, and I think that slightly changed a part of me. It wasn't all enjoyable, but along with the minuses there were pluses and I wanted them to enrich me. I suppose that I met you just at a time when I was able to grow a little, and so you thought that I was a good person. Maybe I'm exactly the kind of person I appeared to be (laughs).

Yoshizuki: Even you grew up, Rika-san (laughs).

Shibuki: Perhaps (laughs).

Yoshizuki: Rika-san, I really enjoyed your recent live concert(1).

Shibuki: One way or another, enjoyment was the objective of the show. I've said it to you before, Eri, that enjoying my performances is very important to me. When it's something that follows day after day, before you know it, you've forgotten how fun the stage is. If I'm not enjoying myself, I can't pass on that enjoyment to the audience. One way or another, enjoyment for me is a priority.

Yoshizuki: I can really feel that attitude when I'm on stage with you, Rika-san. The times when I grumble aloud, you encourage me: "As if it has your own heart." I've saved your emails.

Shibuki: Don't save them (laughs).

Yoshizuki: Things like: "If you're not enjoying what you're doing, it's a loss", "Accepting criticisms, even if they bring you down, is part of the job; the things you're told on the inside are the flowers", and "For art and people, there is no perfect score, that's why we suffer every day and continue to learn our whole lives".

Shibuki: Those stink! (laughs) I wrote that sort of thing?

Yoshizuki: Yes (laughs).

Shibuki: I'm no poet (laughs).

Yoshizuki: Not a poet (laughs).

Shibuki: But don't save them, erase them! (laughs) People have various ways of thinking about things, and in my evaluation of art and people there are things I like and things I hate, put there's nothing that's perfect. So it's important to listen to the voices of those around you, but I think the best you can do is to endeavor to hold onto your own policy. It's completely impossible to please everyone.

Yoshizuki: That's true.

Shibuki: Something that makes me happy is being told "I don't like it, but I can appreciate it." When I hear that I think: "I've done it!" (laughs)

Yoshizuki: I understand. In the end, what is art? I've wondered, and in the end I think it's human nature. Rika-san, you have a sense of being a rich kind of person, which moves me.

Shibuki: No, no, not at all (laughs).

Yoshizuki: Rika-san, you're the kind of person who inspires people to give things their all for your sake. I think the consequences of that kind of influence on us will be good. With this, we will be a wonderful company.

Yoshizuki: I'm extremely shy. I went to see "The Winds of Buenos Aires" on opening night, and was moved. "Oooh!" I thought it was amazing, but I couldn't call you and tell you that.

Shibuki: I don't get phone calls from you, huh, Eri? (laughs)

Yoshizuki: I can't talk to people directly (laughs). So I always use e-mail.

Shibuki: But, thanks to you, Eri, I remember those e-mails (laughs). I'm also a shy person. But, you know, I know that more than being in trouble by myself, I have more fun calling out "hey, hey!" After all, the only one who can open a path in your life is you.

Yoshizuki: How cool!

Shibuki: I'm also a person who unreasonably dwells on the minuses, but through personal experience I've come to know that really I'm the only one who can put my life into order. I have to manage somehow or another. Eri, I think you can really do it too.

Yoshizuki: I'll do my best.

Shibuki: I think it's difficult to change yourself, but if you endeavor to change a bit at a time, you'll come to think "What? It's this easy?"

Yoshizuki: (laughs).

Shibuki: When you've worked hard and gotten that door open, it may slam shut on you. If that happens, it's a shock and you may cry, but be defiant and think of the good things, and shove open a new door. You'll quickly gain an immunity and become strong. If a door shuts in front of you, all you can do is open it. Even if you have to smash it (laughs).

Yoshizuki: Yes! You've managed to cheer me up again, Rika-san (laughs).

Shibuki: You have so many good points, Eri, you'll be fine.

Yoshizuki: It would be nice if we could have a chance to talk about so many things again. Ah, but we're going to be performing together next, aren't we?

Shibuki: That's right.

Yoshizuki: Welcome back! I've been waiting.

Shibuki: (laughs). I'm very happy to be able to come back and perform with Moon Troupe again after going around to all of the other troupes. I wonder how you've changed, Eri? (laughs)

Yoshizuki: I haven't grown up at all (laughs).

Shibuki: I look forward to it (laughs).

(1) "All About Rika"